The Future of FinTech 

delivered through a semantic web like eye

  • November 1979, US Executive Order 12170 Sanctions on Iran

  • 9 November 1989, Fall of the Berlin Wall

  • 26 December 1991, Dissolution of the USSR

  • 5 June 2017, GCC Sanctions on Qatar

  • 6 July 2018, US China Trade War begins

What do all these events have in common?

These are asymmetric financial war games - non nuclear, non confrontational - put on these countries for the purposes of (modification) - to achieve some form of change.  In 2020 / forward - most battles and disputes are going to be fought - not on the battlefield - but in cyberspace, over trade and especially - in financial markets.  WOAs underlying proprietary IP algorithm, system and concept - has the capability - if properly developed - to become more than a financial growth instrument - but also so to speak - the next potential dimension in an asymmetrical financial warfare arena.  For fractions of the cost of conventional methodologies and ideas, WOA can through the force multiplier effect - achieve the same results in financial markets with a hybrid DARPA <prism> like surgical PAM,

(pin-point accuracy momentum) - accept more aggressively and expedient to traditional linear and local thinking methodologies. Mosaic creativity - in a WOPR-WOA enlightened 

iq composition.



No conventional solutions or improvements can compare with the endless possibilities offered by the laws of quantum mechanics 



war of attrition qubits

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